Ode to the Volunteer

The smell of smoke and the glow of fire
The blare of the siren and squeal of tires,
The initial report and radio noise
Is like music to the ears of these girls and boys.

Ordinary people who give of themselves
Who have witnessed more than their share of Hell,
They always respond whether night or day
And never asks for a dime in pay.

To any emergency either great or small
Ever ready to answer the call,
Accident, fire or medical emergency
Ever ready to help a stranger or their community.

Part of a brotherhood that only a few understand
Always the first to lend a hand,
Sacrificing family time and personal gain
You will never hear them complain.

Long hours, bitter cold or blazing heat
Asked to accomplish amazing feats,
Picking up the pieces of another mess
Comforting others in distress.

Always giving, never taking
Sometimes while a heart is breaking,
First in, last out
Is the mantra that we shout.

When tragedy strikes
Or the demon is near,
You can always depend on

--An OVFD Volunteer

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