OVFD reminds everyone to be safe with controlled burns

April 2012

The recent wildland fire in Colorado highlights the threat of our unseasonably warm, dry winter. Keith County has also experienced the same dry conditions responsible for the rapid growth of the Lower North Fork Fire which burned 4,100 acres and 27 homes.

Area departments have been concerned about the many Red Flag Warnings already issued this year. Red Flag Warnings are issued by the National Weather Service for warm temperatures, low humidity, and high winds.

The Ogallala Volunteer Fire Department has already responded to multiple grass fires started by controlled burns that have gotten out of hand.

Controlled burns may be permissible in the Ogallala Fire District, but please be remember a few requirements:

  • All controlled open burns must have a burn permit. Permits in the Ogallala Fire District can be obtained at the City offices after review by the Fire Chief or their assistant. It may be possible that a permit be denied and or revoked due to existing or surrounding conditions or material being burned.
  • Possession of a burn permit does not mean it is safe to burn. The person named on the burn permit is responsible if the fire becomes uncontrollable and causes damage. Please exercise caution.
  • Move burn barrels or piles away from structures.
  • Prepare the site for burning by clearing fuel from around the burn location.
  • Have a water supply on hand sufficient enough to put out your fire.
  • Do not burn on windy days. If the wind regularly exceeds 10 mph do not start your burn or put out your fire if it is already lit.
  • Plan your burn for the mornings when the humidity is higher.
  • Never leave a burn unattended for any reason.
  • Make sure the burn is out cold. Pockets of burning material can smolder for days before reigniting.

Due to the prolonged dry conditions, please be safe with all open burns.


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